Astral Bird Bix Archer Christopher J Masaya Junior Noah GL
Noah GL head and shoulders with foliage behind

Noah Greene-Lowe, or Noah GL (f.k.a. Million Ander$on, f.k.a. Freddie Fuego), is a 20-year-old multi-media artist and producer. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Noah currently studies art at a college in Massachusetts.

Noah began to form his unique style of music in the confines of his freshman year dorm room, where he stayed to escape the harsh winter. During this time, Noah began recording the sounds he could find in his immediate environment, which he layered to make textural beats and melodies that he later released under the name Freddie Fuego. Fuzzy guitar riffs, found sound percussion, and soulful vocals are a main staple of Noah’s music.

Noah GL has released two EPs thus far, Malicious Delicious and Alone in the Tropics. Since joining Unlimited Refills, he has released one album, titled Home Run Tiger.